Sony Xperia E4g - Face detection

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Face detection

You can use face detection to bring an off-center face into focus. The camera

automatically detects up to five faces, indicated by white frames. A colored frame shows

which face has been selected for focus. Focus is set to the face closest to the camera.

You can also tap one of the frames to select which face should be in focus.

To turn on face detection


Activate the camera.


Tap , then select .


Tap , then tap .



Focus mode > Face detection.

To take a photo using face detection


When the camera is open and

Face detection turned on, point the camera at your

subject. Up to five faces can be detected, and each detected face is framed.


Tap the frame you want to select for focus. Do not tap if you want the camera to

select focus automatically.


A colored frame shows which face is in focus. Tap the screen to take the photo.